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Shaneymike Studios is the creative studio of visual artist Shane Roberts.


Selected Clients Include: Adidas NYC, Hulu/FX, Sparta Distribution/300 Ent., Thirty Knots/Keel, Early Rising, Winston House, Fanvestor, & more.

Welcome to Shaneymike Studios! The home of Shane Roberts (that’s me) a creative leader, director, and designer from Columbus, OH.

Some would call me a designer, but I’m actually a creative director that can wield it and deal it in many ways. I’ve been known to wear many hats and practice multiple disciplines. In my work, you’ll find yourself at the corner of nostalgia and modern times with a rich appreciation for humanity. You’ve probably seen me working at a local coffee shop wearing a black t-shirt, a Detroit Pistons hat, and my Chucky Taylors.

I like to keep it super simple in my approach — through conversation we create a deeper, more personal, thoughtful, and creative strategy together. The work we do isn’t rocket science but can be if you let it. Whenever people work with me you’re gaining a new friend and creative partner for the long run. No more searching across the inter-webs for another director or designer.

Shaneymike Studios strives to create deeper meaning between visual communication and the outside world. My goal is to make people think, wonder, and question who came up with this through your brand’s visions and aspirations.

Outside of my freelance work, I have a rich love for cooking, futbol (aka soccer), music, and hold an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Advertising Art (yes higher education can be important).

For selective portfolio decks
(including select works from professional sports, entertainment, packaging, non-profit, corporate, food, hospitality, & more.) Please contact:

Eric Parker

Shane Roberts

Photo by Nick Fancher